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HBOT: HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy


  • Zen and Relax
  • Full body regenerant
  • Antioxidant & comestic effect accelerator

Integrate an innovative and safe wellbeing solution for  your customer

How it works

You will breath 95% oxygen in a soft hyperbaric chamber pressurized at 1.3ATA-1,5ATA. In this condition, an important O2 quantity is dissolved in your plasma who can be used by all your cells and tissues

it will induced a hyperoxia, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and stimulate antioxidant system.

Benefits :

  • Decrease heart & respiratory rate
  • Immune response
  • Cell renewal

A real add-on of your existing wellbeing customer services


  • Maximized the relaxation
    “Combo Oxygen & music”
  • Time efficiency for active people
    « Continue to work under Oxygen session »
  • Beauty & revitalization
    “Combo Oxygen & optimized cosmetic product”

High quality product

O2Relax, first and unique institute in Paris proposing High quality product, CE norm, ISO 9001, ISO13485, 2 years guarantee, You will give to your customer an high and innovative value.

Extend version

Seat or wheelchair version